Goss Croft Hall, Startley Road, Upper Seagry, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 5HD

The Pond


Goss Croft Pond is a feature of the Hall site adding a pleasing aspect to the landscape and providing diverse Flora & Fauna that interests and educates all ages.

Dating back to before 1886, Goss Croft Pond was man made originally for watering cattle and has a depth profile that particularly suits for our adoption as a wildlife pond. It was restored in 2005 when a range of native shrubs and wild flowers were planted. This was created, supervised and maintained by a volunteer team headed by wetland expert Seagry resident Richard Vivash.

Funding support was gratefully received from Wessex Water, ‘Grants for All’ Lottery funding and Seagry 2000 Book . The restoration was carefully undertaken so as to encourage the natural colonisation of as many native species as possible and now hosts a wide range of aquatic insects, and amphibians, as well as providing a watering point for mammals and birds.

Much more information can be found at the interpretation board located next to the Pond